Traffic Management

Our Traffic & Transportation team has extensive experience of:

  • Traffic Management Solutions for networks to increase capacity and safety and reduce journey times and conflicts.
  • Designing new roadways and junctions suitable for use by the existing and future forecast traffic volumes. With our experience, supplemented with the use of latest relevant computer software, we will advise and produce economic road designs that will best cater for immediate and future demands.
  • Designing traffic control installations and modifications, including traffic signals, signs and road markings, existing and proposed junctions are analysed for capacity by use of our LINSIG (signal junction), PICADY(uncontrolled junction) or ARCADY (roundabouts) software. Our experienced Engineers have the knowledge to extract maximum capacity resulting in minimum delay for all road junctions.
  • Preparing temporary traffic management plans, including detour plans for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Estimating the impacts of commercial, public and residential developments on traffic patterns. We are members of TRICS whose database contains extensive records of traffic generation from developments in both the UK and Ireland. This knowledge can be applied to proposed developments and provide likely traffic generation figures.