Forensic Collision Investigation

We provide forensic investigation of Road Traffic Collisions (accidents). These services are normally used by the legal and insurance professions for presentation at civil or criminal court proceedings. We also provide reports to private companies and individuals.

Our Engineers have suitable knowledge and training in the investigation of collisions involving pedestrians, cyclists and motorised vehicles.

Being affiliated to the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators we have access to experts who can prepare real time computerised models of the events that lead up to any particular accident.

Our services include :

  • Road Traffic Collision (RTC / RTA) investigation
  • Traffic collision reconstruction
  • Vehicle & component examinations
  • Expert witness statements & interviews (accepted in court)
  • Auto insurance claims & investigation
  • Detailed site inspections & locus reports
  • Electronic surveys of road traffic & crime scenes
  • Computer generated scale plans
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Civil litigation

We provide clear, concise and technically accurate impartial reports for the prosecution or defence in criminal cases, and for the claimant or defendant in civil cases.  The typical elements are as follows:

  • Locus Reports:  Scaled CAD plans and photographs are used to illustrate road geometry and markings, lines of sights, position of independent witnesses, pre and post impact course of vehicles and skid marks.
  • Collision Analysis:  Witness testimony, condition/type of vehicle, physical evidence, road geometry, road features, weather conditions, environmental constraints, injury mechanism, ergonomics, technical data, statistics and road user behaviour are all taken into consideration.
  • Collision Reconstruction:   Information from tyre marks, pedestrian throw, pedestrian speeds, reaction times, coefficient of friction values, vehicle mass, angles at impact and visibility can be mathematically modelled to estimate speeds and ascertain the possible sequence of events.
  • Vehicle Examination:  Analysis of impact damage and contact marks can assist in estimating vehicle speed, movement and direction.

Our accident investigation and reconstruction services include, but are not limited to, the above.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality of our service to our clients.