Accident Investigation & Prevention (AIP)

Accident Investigation and Prevention is a specialist discipline in the field of highway engineering. The core object is to identify common trends in accident types and causation for any particular length of roadway and provide remedial measures by way of design alterations, signage or education.

A picture of accident trends and patterns is produced by gathering and mapping accident history data held by the Local Authority and Gardai. Additionally local residents, traffic wardens and Local Authority Engineers knowledge can contribute to producing an image of the existing problems.

In attempting to reduce accident risk the AIP Engineer must understand the influence road design has on human behaviour and resultant accidents. Our AIP team have undertaken extensive training in compliance with the Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) course “Accident Investigation & Prevention”. Application of this training and knowledge over many years has resulted in a competent team of professional Engineers.

Our experience in Forensic Collision Investigation and Road Safety Auditing compliments our AIP work and visa versa.