Health & Safety and PSDP (Project Supervisor Design Process)

We take account of the “General Principles of Prevention” in all design work that we undertake. We have a policy of carrying out risk assessment at the various stages of the design and construction process while at all times bearing in mind the implications any design decisions will have on maintenance carried out safely in the future.  Whilst this is very important to the end user it also protects our business insurance.

Since its introduction in Ireland in 1995 Francis Fidgeon has been involved in providing Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) [formerly PSDS] services for Civil Engineering projects and in 2008 also completed the IOSH Managing Safely for Construction Project Supervisors course.  All partners of the firm have completed the “Design for Safety in Construction” course run by Engineers Ireland and both Francis and Stuart have completed the FETAC Health & Safety at Work course.