Urban Space Renewal


Urban Space Renewal

We have vast experience on many Urban Space Renewal and Regeneration schemes.

Urban Renewal often involves Shared Space design to return areas to safe places for all where the car is not dominant and segregation is minimal.  This in turn leads to regeneration with flourishing businesses and attraction for visitors/tourists.  By detailed design the space will incorporate the existing retail and residential areas nearby and encourage people and shoppers into the space to use both the shops and the space.

By design of a flexible space this can be used for a whole series of events throughout the year, creating a vibrant active focus for urban centre and an attractive destination for visitors.

Urban space regeneration is a complicated process whereby the interests of all affected parties must be carefully considered and incorporated into the final design.  The space is normally also used by motorised transport, sometimes even including National Primary routes.  This traffic must be catered for whilst ensuring a suitable safe and pleasant environment is maintained for all other use.

The Kilfinane Urban Regeneration (Co Limerick) scheme undertaken by Francis and Stuart was shortlisted for an international design award.